about 4 years ago

17 Teams Selected for the Predix India Hackathon on September 20-21

Announcement: 17 final teams have been selected for the Predix India Hackathon at GE JFWTC, Bangalore on September 20-21, 2016. Here is the list of their ideas:

1. Lube-Oil Maintenance Optimization for GE products

2. GT Startup Time Optimizer/Predictor

3. On-Wing Maintenance Optimization

4. Cloud Controlled Smart Horse Power Per Tonne

5. Turbine Performance and Life Booster

6. Cross Country Gas Pipeline Optimization

7. Smart Analyzer - Waste

8. Water Pollution Management

9. Automated Diabetic Retinopathy Detection

10. Smart Surveillance

11. Data Analytics for Motion Management in Imaging

12. Intelligent Airport: Efficient Touchdown

13. Optimized Power, Water and Other Important Resources Generation, Distribution and…

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